[Official] Lucas' P3D Editor 3.1.4 Released - Now Supports More Executables!

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Lucas has just recently uploaded another update to his P3D Editor program. Previously, his program only supported the American release of the game, but now supports 6 different executables (such as the Vivendi Best Sellers re-release).

We highly recommend you download this updated version since it adds support for a lot more .exes, and this should fix any issues regarding unsupported game versions.

Grab it here from SHAR Tools.
does it support Spanish Version of the Game?
Yep. The Spanish version is also supported now.

In addition to the Spanish version, here are other releases that were not supported up until this release:

The Demo Release
The Best Seller Series

If you have of these releases, we highly recommend you grab this (even though it's pretty unlikely you'll want to mod the demo or even own it).