Submit an advertisement of your own mod(s) for my Metal & Scrap Coliseum map!

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Not to be confused with my other post regarding vehicles:

If you don't know what the hell is my "Metal & Scrap Coliseum" map, here's a severely outdated preview.
Still unfinished even after starting from scratch for the third time. At least I didn't name it "Some Coliseum Map."

EDIT: Actually I have a post properly explaining this map with much less obsolete content. GO HERE IF YA CARE.

I was trying to think of a way for players to better tell which part of the map they are, and I came up with the idea of adding advertisements of other mods. This would be a great opportunity for mod creators to contribute to the map while at the same time giving newcomers more exposure to the content the DT community has created.


  • *UPDATED* The mod has to be real. (You can't make an ad for a mod that parodies another unless it's real. If someone actually made a mod parodying Storm Over Springfield called "Storming Your Spring Jeans," making an ad out of the latter is okay, but since it's not real, you may not make an ad with that name.)
  • The mod has to be yours, or you must have permission from the main creator to be used as an ad. (Hey, some creators don't want certain mods to have attention. *cough* my abomination mod. *cough*)
  • The mod must not contain mostly content from other people's mods. (If your mod is something like a pack of characters and/or vehicles that other people have ported into SHAR, your ad will be rejected unless you had permission from the people who ported them. If said people were the ones who personally submitted their content specifically for your mod, we'll assume that you had permission to use them unless it's said otherwise by the creator. If you ported content but didn't know that someone else had already done it before, discuss it with said user.)
  • By the time the map/model builder gets released, the mod must have a public release of some sort, such as an open-beta release, a demo, and a full build. (No leaks allowed, you jerks.)
    • The download link to the mod must still be available. (If it links to an unfinished build, I will not accept the mod if it obviously had no effort put into them for the sake of trying to persuade me into accepting your ad.)
  • The mod does NOT have to be a main mod. (I would have way too little ads if we were restricted to main mods.)
  • The mod cannot be Easter Mod. (Homer was waiting for this rule to be added.)


  • The image's size has to be at least 768x86 and in the same proportions. If your image is too big and/or is not using the correct proportions, I will need to edit it to make it fit. If the edited version doesn't look too good, your ad will be rejected.
  • The ad must be distinguishable (perhaps add your main character/vehicle to your ad).
  • The ad must not violate the Terms of Service (the most obvious of them all).
  • If the rest of the community doesn't like the mod or ad, I won't accept it. (Better to have some community feedback with my actions rather than just deciding to do something others won't find amusing, so upvote/downvote those ads!)
  • *NEW* You may not submit a huge number of different versions of your image. If you constantly change your mind way too many times, NONE of your ads will be accepted, not even the first one.
  • *NEW* You may submit as many images of different mods as you want. Just don't go nuts. This isn't the "*insert your username* Coliseum."
These rules may get updated if someone (inevitably) finds a loophole.

Here's an example.

And this is where it'll be in the map.
You may notice weird shading near the middle of the ad. Don't worry. I already know how to fix that ingame.

Not the greatest spot for an advertisement, but at least the coliseum won't feel as bland. I might allow different sizes for different areas in the future.

I have room for God knows how many, so keep giving me your ads!
Here I am, waiting for 'The mod cannot be Easter Mod.' to be added to the rules.
Done and done.
Oh sweet, sure I'll do one.


And to prove I wasn't making the whole thing up just to get attention...

Fun fact, here's what I do with long images like mine and Sparrow's.
I'll submit Lenny's Mod
Here's one

SNoire is coming out on this week, about adding this? :D

If you added this banner to your map, then remove it asap
Just updated the rules. Check out Rule #3.
This map looks really cool so far !
Can I come?