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[TEMPLATE] Welcome to Donut Team, introduce yourself!

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I'm Tim Onstad and before I say anything, Hit & Run was actually my introduction to the Simpsons franchise. My Uncle gave me a Gamecube version of the game and I instantly fell in love with it. crystal collecting bandicoots and ultrasonic hedgehogs were one thing, but this was different from anything I had seen before. It was a blend of comedy and mindless violence that my five year old mind just gravitated towards. He had seen me playing it so much that he actually gave me a couple Simpsons VHS tapes and I've had a liking of the franchise since.

So, obviously the game holds a special place in my heart and I hope to learn how to create mods being a part of Donut team. I've wanted to mod video games since I was a teenager, but I've never had the know-how or the confidence to try until now. I am very eclectic when it comes to my passions and aspirations (I'm a fantasy Author that collects vintage magazines and electronics for christ sakes!) But I hope to not only add levels and make mods, but to do console ports of mods that run on real hardware