Adding Custom Music - An Updated Tutorial

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Apologies for the late reply! By 'level theme', I assume you're referring to the track that plays while driving when the player is not currently in a mission?

While I'm not the original writer of this tutorial, the instructions listed in the original post apply to all musical tracks in the game. This includes mission themes, mission theme outros, 'outside car' jingles, as well as Level themes.

The region name for the 'level themes' is the ones prefixed with 'Sunday_Drive' in their name. Just replace those accordingly to get the new music you want. This is a small snippet from my own modified Level 1 .XML to use an entirely new theme for Level 1:

	<Region Name="Sunday_Drive_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="l" Constant="true" Volume="1">
				<StreamEvent Name="BartTravels_Main" />

Hopefully that helps.