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How Can I Create Custom Interior Locators?

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Hello I need help, I want to create interiors but I have no idea how to do it, so if you have time you could explain me how to do this
Hey there! Apologies for the late reply! Been a bit busy this Christmas.

I'm not super familiar with the entire process required to create an entirely new map or what's necessary to create a custom interior in an already existing map , but you would need to have a copy of Blender and Weasel's Map Data Editor plugin installed with your Blender installation (the add-on also available on Github). I'd recommend checking the Wiki for the Tool if you have any concerns on how to properly use it.

Sadly my experience with Blender is pretty limited past this point and very rusty at best. Hopefully the above information can give you a better idea where to begin though. Jeff's Map Builder is an alternative if you prefer not to use Blender, but my experience with that is also limited.

Regarding Interiors however, I am pretty sure that the Type 5 Locators present in the Level's TERRA.p3d have to be modified to reference the new interior and so the game knows to properly load it. Type 7 locators are used to define interior entrances and would have to be created as well for the new interiors.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I kinda rushed through this to push something out just so this message wasn't sitting unattended.

I understand your delay, I appreciate the explanation of the locators because it was difficult for me to understand, but with their explanation this has become clearer to me