Level 3 of DM3 Review

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When I first got Level 3 to work, I played through all the missions until the end, when that bug happened that wouldn't let you finish. As far as I could tell and remember, all of the missions were very fun to play, had no bugs that i can remember (besides the end of level crash that was patched) and I generally enjoyed my experience playing through the 7 main missions. When the game crashed though, I more or less ragequit and didn't go back and do any of the extra content, such as the bonus mission and challenges.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of new costumes and cars compared to previous levels. Or moreso, variety. Starting with costumes (because I know that they are very game changing) we had on level 1 and 2, albeit just a palette swap, a change to the default costume.  We also had some different costumes, including ones from other levels and other palette swaps that made them seem like new costumes (White ninja on L2 is a little iffy though). On level 3, though, we didn't have any new costumes, or any changes to existing ones. I understand you don't have 2x the costumes when it comes to Lisa, but still.

For cars, we only got one new car, the Wasp Bike, which while that's cool and all, I feel like we were a little jipped when it came to new rewards (buyables?) compared to levels 2 and 1. I did like that the Electauras was the default car though for L3, since that makes so much more sense IMO.

The bonus mission was nice (Dolph's car looked pretty cool) but it felt kinda rushed when you were going back to complete the base of the old mission. All you did was drive to the collectable's location on your way back to the mission start point. I feel like they could have been incorporated a bit better or not at all. (Even if it doesn't match the dialogue).

The challenges were average and I feel as though they are actually the low point of the level. Ralph's challenge, avoid the 4 cars, was WAY too easy, even when I tried it on Hellfish. All I did was drive in circles for awhile as the opposing cars just derped around. A good idea for a mission in theory, but seems difficult to execute properly. Milhouse's mission was both 1. too easy and 2. repetitive at this point. The timer's on the last two cars, on normal, were like 3 and 4 minutes respectively. I was using Skinner's sedan, which I'm quite sure doesn't have great toughness (2 1/2 star?) and I beat them in about 30 seconds each. The mission itself felt repetitive at this point. In level 1, it was really cool to play the derby - it was basically brand new content. Level 2 had some dialogue between Bart and Homer, which was fun to listen to while I shrekt Homer's car. At level 3, there was nothing really to keep me interested in the derby. Smash smash smash sma- oh hey, I won.

Nelson's challenge... doesn't exist? I drove around Squidport 2 times, and on the second time I saw where Nelson's challenge should be, but he wasn't there. Just the race flags on the map. I was using the Autumn skin on Windows XP service pack 3, if that helps. But as far as I can tell, I can't play Nelson's challenge, because he isn't there.

Missions: 10/10
Rewards: 6/10
Bonus missions (challenges): 4/10
Overall: 8/10 - The missions are the main part of the game, and they were superb. That's why I give this a high overall rating. I feel the extra content of the level needs some work, but the missions, like I said, were excellent.
Let me also tell me something, I finished The mod today and was dissapointed in Level 3. It seems 4months is a huge time to make they also promised us level 4.Where is it?... Okay lets review this.
First off The Mission Lil Bestard is the worst and probably boringest mission i ever played i lost over 50times due terrible AL snake is driving the car it drives around around.. and then it drives to chief wiggum wtf? how did they got rid of snake??Thats a problem snake just comes to chief wiggum saying hey take this car back!
Also diaper mission is just LMAO.
There are some great things things about missions..
Buyibillity: Level 1-Level 2 do have some great clothes and cars, Level 3 *sigh* Secret car- A Recolor Clothes- SAME its just simply rushed they want to create CASH GRAB so mostly they dont have time to do it and waiting 4 months feels like nothing at all
Fun: Mediocre its nothing too good about level 3.
Bonus missions (Races)- Boring. Bonus missions  are great but the (Derby ones are terrible) Its not derby just drive around and they will crash! (Ralph Level 2 is also quite nice)
Fun stuff 7.5/10
Missions 9.5/10 (Lil b****** is a bad mission.)
Bonus Mission (Races) 7/10
Dialog cutting (10/10)
Costumes/Cars 7.5/10 Wasp bike and other great worked on cars woo!
Work put in level 1 9.5/10 GOOD JOB!
Level 2: 10/10
Level 3 6/10 Not so great sorry folks.
Last words: The mod is fun but needs more work put in to.
As the developer of Level 3, I have to say I'm incredibly excited to finally get some feedback about the missions and everything.

First off, in response to Gibstack, I'm very happy that you enjoyed all of the main missions. They were admittedly what I placed the most effort into and am pretty satisfied with. I'm personally glad you felt the same way.

The Bonus Mission junk with having to get all of Skinner's items I suppose I can remove. I mostly did that so the original dialog still worked, but I'm pretty sure I can edit the mission's dialog so it still flows rather smoothly. Would ending the mission as soon as you dump the games make it flow better in your opinion?

Ralph's challenge I'll consider re-working for sure, but I'll have to see what ideas I can come up with. Our initial plan for Ralph's Challenges is that they are all "unique", in that they're completely different from one another and don't follow the usual rules of the previous challenges (whereas Nelson's is always a race, and Milhouse's is always a derby). I'll try to consider some other alternatives, as long as I can find something that truly feels "different" compared to other missions. The derby I initially designed so it was beatable with Lisa's default car, though looking at it now it seems much too easy. I'll definitely nerf the timers here (and possibly edit the Mission Failed messages to encourage the user to use another car other than Lisa's default one - Yay CustomText!).

You are the third person, Gibstack, to tell me that Nelson seemingly decided to drop off the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to recreate the issue, but I'll try shifting his position in the next update to see if that helps some. A user reported to me that playing on Hellfish fixed the issue for him (which is odd considering his position never shifts on either difficulty), so would you mind trying that? Nelson uses a renamed locator that was used to position Kearney (who sells you the Globex Super Villain Car) in the vanilla (unmodified) game's Level 6. Because of this, he should be located right where you find Kearney in Level 6. If he doesn't show up even after the fix, then please look for the next update, as I'll change his position so this will be less likely to happen (or better yet, not at all!).

Onto your feedback, SomeoneIKnow, I apologize that Level 3 was a bit disappointing to you. I understand you didn't like 'Lil B****** at all which hampered the experience greatly, but I'm a bit confused at what you mean by L3M7 being "LMFAO". Is the concept of the mission itself humorous, or is the actual mission itself laughable in it's concept?

That being said, I'll definitely consider editing the bonus content (the clothes especially!) so they feel less "rushed". I'll also try to suggest to Loren Goodwin (the man responsible for most of our really creative custom cars, such as the Patty Wagon from Level 1) that we need some new cars to liven up Level 3. I'm also seeing that you think some mission adjustment is needed, so I'll try to balance it to the best of my ability.

Again, thank you both for the feedback. After not hearing much about Level 3 from an end user's experience, this is great to hear! I am glad that some of Level 3 really hit some high notes, and hopefully I can fix some of the issues you're talking about to make Level 3 a much better experience.
I hope in the next update they add more variety to the extras but the missions in Level 3 were actually my favourite in the Donut Mod Series
by LMFAO i ment that getting bart a diaper is really funny, Patty wagon also needs to be balanced its really sluggish and slippery
Patty Wagon is perfectly fine, it's a hamburger. What do you expect c:
The Vehicle balancing is fine in general SomeoneIKnow.
I litterely crushed myself with patty wagon lol xD
I Finished the mod , after that , i want to review it too :D
about Missions, they where Very Good and Challenging! but the Lil' B****** mission was really hard that i Needed Stacy Malibu Car to complete it , not even Wasp Bike or Rocket Car worked to me , is obvious that you've been put much effort to it! , i compare it to Level 2 Missions that were soo entertaining
1/10 10/10
with Rewards, if it wanst for the Wasp Bike , it wouldnt be Very Good ,really , Secret Car needs more work to be put in , is a Recolor of Nerd Car and with some handling Changes, and new clothes? well ,i'm making a Mod and the new cars would be just a recolor, so why i'm complaining about this :( , 6/10
talking about Challenges , those were very easy IMO,
Challenge 1 the first time i played it , i renember that i passed the mission with Electaurus ,and it was Challenging , except when Destroying Frink and Knight Boat
Challenge 2 was easy , it was like that Ralph race is hosted by Nelson and that changes the order (and cars) i would like that you change that and Maybe make a Random Challenge,but maybe more related to Story than the Other Two, and Nelson is in Krustylu to do the Challenge,he doenst fall no Problem to me.
Challenge 3 would be far better if you make Cars more destructive, less Dumb and making Time For Survive longer
I Dont have nothing to say about Bonus Mission , Simply Cool
Dialog Cutting is great , I'm spanish , but you made Sense to Missions with it !
Overall: 8.95/10 (Obviously not averaging it) (could be more if it wanst for reward thing)
Level 1: 9.5/10
Level 2: 10/10
i have a suggestion and is that if You could port Mario Kart vehicles to Level 4 or any another Level, Cartoon Network Racing Vehicles (though that are few people who like and plays this game, but is just to revive how was Cartoon Network Before (sorry for being off topic)
Sorry for my POSSIBLY bad english , but like i said , I'm Spanish
Yes reskins is a bad idea considering they were intended for a mission, Lil bestard is also feeling rushed though.. but overall level 3 is nice thanks kenny!