Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

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It's a race to get Fat Tony behind bars after thousands of dollars are stolen from the Police Station.
And it looks like everything is left up to Springfield's Lamest - Chief Wiggum.

Screenshots (Click to Open)

Cops: in Springfield is by far my most ambitious mod yet, so I'm really glad to be sharing it with you all here today! Of course, it would never have been possible without the work of these lovely people:

Voice Actors
Special Thanks
  • @Borb (Fat Tony Model, Dr. Dolittle Model, and other various models)
  • @Loren (Various help)
  • @Donut Team (Legs Model, Martin Model)

Also, since you might not be able to see the newspapers in-game because of fast load times, I've included them both here as well:

Newspapers (Click to Open)

Changelog (Click to Open)
Version 1.1.1
  • General
    • Made the mod decompilable (at last- I'd been meaning to do this since before 1.1 came out).
    • Updated some names in the mod's description and in the credits.
    • Updated the scrapbook image for "Wiggum - PI" to match the model in-game.
    • Updated the design of the medals.
    • Reverted most of the upscaled "HD" HUD elements back to their original sprites.
      • This was a bit of a tough decision to make, but I decided to do this as I felt a number of the HD sprites were pretty poorly made, and they stuck out quite a lot against the rest of the low-res HUD elements. Sometime soon (hopefully) I want to completely overhaul the UI and create high-res versions of all HUD elements, but until that's done I think it would be better to stick with the low-res sprites for consistency.
      • On the plus side, it means those HUD elements no longer look like crap when playing the game at low resolutions.
    • Increased the jump height of the custom vents in the LBSC region.
    • Converted dialogue that was still stored in RSD format to OGG.
    • Replaced the 'Disable Copyrighted Music' setting with a new 'Disable External Music' setting.
      • This new setting removes the custom music taken from other Simpsons games, allowing you to play with just the Hit & Run soundtrack.
      • The copyrighted music has been removed from the mod entirely, since I felt it was unnecessary and didn't really fit with the rest of the soundtrack.
    • Made some improvements to Duff Defenders:
      • Redesigned the health bar of the Duff Truck.
      • You can now see the health bar of the vehicle you're destroying in the first wave.
      • The game now explicitly tells you how much you earned at the end of your shift.
      • Tweaked some of Moe's dialogue.
  • L1M2
    • Fixed the Death Trigger not properly covering the mobsters (I believe it was still using death triggers from an earlier version of the mission).
  • L1M5
    • Moved the carstart position so that the camera doesn't glitch out when you get into your vehicle.
    • Made it so that the player is locked into place for the 'wait for Fat Tony' stage.
  • L1M6
    • Added a custom damage effect when ramming into Homer's car.
    • Fixed the game randomly placing Wiggum in the wrong position after the conversation with Homer.
  • Street Race 2
    • Added new music for this mission (this was actually meant to be added in the original release, but I never got around to it).
  • Bonus Mission
    • Fixed the WWII Jeep using the wrong shadow parameters.
Version 1.1
  • General
    • Updated the mod's icon.
    • Various improvements to the mod's CustomText.
    • Added a setting to change which stage Duff Defenders begins on.
    • Made Level 2 accessible from the mission select.
    • Added checkpoints to most missions.
    • Made the fonts used on the title screen consistent with the ones used in-game.
    • Added a poster on the floor of the title screen, so that the 'View Movies' option doesn't pan onto a blank carpet.
    • Added a message to the 'View Movies' screen (since it doesn't work as intended).
    • Updated the Scrapbook to account for Level 2 being unlocked.
    • Added a message to the 'Game Stats' page of the Scrapbook (since it doesn't work as intended).
    • Added anti-piracy.
    • Improved the radar sprites.
    • Increased the resolution of the Hit & Run ticket sprite.
    • Fixed medals in Level 2 using the vanilla descriptions instead of the custom ones.
    • Fixed some texture mapping issues on the NPC Police Car/Louie's Sedan
    • Fixed a texture mapping issue on the wheel of Fat Tony's limo.
    • Fixed a collector card sprite that wasn't changed to a medal.
    • Updated the Chief Wiggum P.I. costume to be more detailed.
    • Made Louie's model no longer clip through the roof of his car.
    • Added a single line of dialog for Wiggum at the request of @Borb
  • L1M0
    • Set the Max Traffic to 0 for the investigation stages.
  • L1M2
    • Removed a pointless timer stage when reading the note.
    • Added a death trigger and an animated camera to the "stealth" segment.
  • L1M3
    • Quimby's model now has blinking animations and is no longer hollow.
    • Increased the video quality of the Town Hall cutscene quite significantly.
  • L1M4
    • Added additional dialogue for chasing Snake.
  • L1M5
    • Adjusted the position of the trigger for the first Snake chase.
    • Added some new stages to the end of the mission to better show how Wiggum ends up crashing.
  • L1M6
    • Increased the timer after being warped into the conversation with Homer to hopefully fix the bug where his character model doesn't show up sometimes.
  • L2M1
    • Moved the Power Coupling models to the TERRA file to fix a game crash if you leave and re-enter the region during that stage. (this bug also affects Blind Big Brother in the vanilla game)
      • Unfortunately this didn't fix a game crash you get when resetting the mission if a coupling is only half destroyed. So watch out for that one, I suppose.
  • L2M2
    • Remodelled the ship interior from scratch.
    • Made it so that Legs and Louie don't chase the player during the 'Follow Fat Tony' stages.
    • Updated the vehicle CON files so that each vehicle uses the correct shadow sizes.
    • Made the music switch to the 'drama' variation on the final stage of the fight.
    • Fixed a bug where a FadeOut was mistakenly placed on the same stage as the credits are activated, which caused...weird behaviour.
  • L1BM1
    • Moved the position of one of Krusty's waypoints to make his AI slightly less...reckless.
    • Rotated the placard collectible model 180 degrees so that it actually faces the right way.
    • Made the mission use 3 different placard models as opposed to 1 with a random texture.
  • L1SR1
    • Fixed an assert message appearing upon loading the mission if you had the -testing Mod Launcher command enabled.
    • Increased the steering on Otto's School Bus so that it doesn't get stuck in a corner as frequently.
    • Improved the model for the bullies' car.
Version 1.03
  • Fixed the 'No Copyrighted Music' setting.
Version 1.02
  • Improved the LBSC interior by adding more notable features to help with navigation.
  • Made the LBSC play the correct jingle upon entering.
  • Added a space to 'Donut Team' in the credits.
  • Changed various mission text to be more specific.
  • Added a timer to M3 to prevent players being able to cheese the Quimby destruction stage by ground pounding his car.
Version 1.01
  • Added a setting for disabling video textures.
  • Fixed the M5 medal not loading correctly (as it was immediately overwritten by the barricade streetrace prop)
  • Changed the gag count to match the amount of gags actually present.
  • Fixed a spacing error in the credits that caused some names to be unreadable (sorry Jordan).
  • Made it so that Fat Tony's AI doesn't mess up if you keep following him for too long
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release

Note: If you experience stuttering when pausing/unpausing, enable the 'Disable Video Textures' setting to fix it.

I really hope you enjoy this mod, as it's definitely been a long time in the making!
Damn, dude! Looking great.
Looking great!
Looks pretty good!
I've seen a few of your previews for this mod and it looks pretty cool. Funny how there are 2 police mods coming out at similar times!
Looks interesting, will check it out. Nice work Colou
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If Hit and Run teaches you anything, it's that the cops in Springfield are useless,
i won't lie...You make amazing mods
Excited to see how this turns out, looks cool.