Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

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thank you so much ! I will definitely check it out
It works now ! However even if I can get past the dialogue with homer, the voices are still in english. Am I doing something wrong ?


Today is the 2 year anniversary of Cops: in Springfield's release (oh god it's been 2 years already). So, to celebrate(?), here's another update! While nowhere near as big as the last update, there's still quite a lot of notable improvements in this one.

  • General
    • Made the mod decompilable (at last- I'd been meaning to do this since before 1.1 came out).
    • Updated some names in the mod's description and in the credits.
    • Updated the scrapbook image for "Wiggum - PI" to match the model in-game.
    • Updated the design of the medals.
    • Reverted most of the upscaled "HD" HUD elements back to their original sprites.
      • This was a bit of a tough decision to make, but I decided to do this as I felt a number of the HD sprites were pretty poorly made, and they stuck out quite a lot against the rest of the low-res HUD elements. Sometime soon (hopefully) I want to completely overhaul the UI and create high-res versions of all HUD elements, but until that's done I think it would be better to stick with the low-res sprites for consistency.
      • On the plus side, it means those HUD elements no longer look like crap when playing the game at low resolutions.
    • Increased the jump height of the custom vents in the LBSC region.
    • Converted dialogue that was still stored in RSD format to OGG.
    • Replaced the 'Disable Copyrighted Music' setting with a new 'Disable External Music' setting.
      • This new setting removes the custom music taken from other Simpsons games, allowing you to play with just the Hit & Run soundtrack.
      • The copyrighted music has been removed from the mod entirely, since I felt it was unnecessary and didn't really fit with the rest of the soundtrack.
    • Made some improvements to Duff Defenders:
      • Redesigned the health bar of the Duff Truck.
      • You can now see the health bar of the vehicle you're destroying in the first wave.
      • The game now explicitly tells you how much you earned at the end of your shift.
      • Tweaked some of Moe's dialogue.
  • L1M2
    • Fixed the Death Trigger not properly covering the mobsters (I believe it was still using death triggers from an earlier version of the mission).
  • L1M5
    • Moved the carstart position so that the camera doesn't glitch out when you get into your vehicle.
    • Made it so that the player is locked into place for the 'wait for Fat Tony' stage.
  • L1M6
    • Added a custom damage effect when ramming into Homer's car.
    • Fixed the game randomly placing Wiggum in the wrong position after the conversation with Homer.
  • Street Race 2
    • Added new music for this mission (this was actually meant to be added in the original release, but I never got around to it).
  • Bonus Mission
    • Fixed the WWII Jeep using the wrong shadow parameters.

I have a problem with the mod, when I start the dialog before the mission the game stops and the dialog does not play.
I need help

I have a problem with the mod, when I start the dialog before the mission the game stops and the dialog does not play.
I need help

Hi Blisst_22, can I ask what language your game is in? If it's anything other than English, you probably need to use the mod along side International Support.