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When Does another Donut Mod release? And some Ideas I have If you could add in. A Tank, Expanded Level As you Level up, Some Supercars and a Police level ( Based on NFS: Most Wanted 2012).
It releases when it's ready.

@JellyBoy you do realise i'm going to ban your account soon right?
His I.P address must be the same as you-know-who's previously banned accounts, isn't it? Sheesh, can't he adapt to the mistakes he's making?
He's a f****** annoying kid who doesn't grasp the concept that he was banned for one reason and now is being banned for being a nuisance and evading bans. Frankly, I'm at my breaking point with the whole situation since he refuses to f****** contact me as I specified multiple times to work out the situation.

He has been banned at least 5-7 times on our forum, banned from our YouTube channel, and blocked on our Twitter. To be blunt, I am fed up.

So @JellyBoy how about you f****** contact me at
@Jake Andreøli Hell yeah, no wonder that birthdate-chosing-thingie was invented. Seriously, though, erase him.
First of all, don't tell me what to do. I am eight-teen years of age, I run this company, and I am completely fed up with the constant cat and mouse game you're playing. I keep repeatedly banning your numerous accounts and you make another one. Starting on Saturday we will be making sure you can't do that as easily. You have been banned numerous times, and you come back each time.

Second of all, I keep telling you to EMAIL me at But I have not received anything as of yet. This is ridiculous and the further you go, the more action we will take.