Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 1 Public Beta; Updated June 21st, 2019)

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Very nice mod
Loved the mod, great work guys!

Quick question - is there any way to get a list of where the collectables are? For the life of me I cannot find the last gag!

UPDATE: Never mind, found 'em all!
Loren please make the descompile version ok? with all due respect, only if you want to do it is clear...
Anyone able to help me find the easter eggs and secrets in this mod? I'm not able to find any. Thanks
I'll give you a hint as to one of them. I would look around the more... usually empty areas around the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
Hey everyone, it's been a few months and we're hard at work on Level 2 but in the meantime we have a bunch of changes to Level 1.

4.0-PB3 Changelog


Changed the internal name of the "Taxi Mission Shift Length" setting. This means you will need to set it again in this version.


  • Added new scrapbook images for Level 1 missions.
  • Adjusted the background of the mission failed screen to fully cover the screen (there was a small gap on the left side before).
  • Adjusted the color and position of the mission number and title when viewing a mission in the scrapbook.
  • Modified the mission start screen.


  • Adjusted the phonebooth stats for Moe's Sedan.
  • Adjusted the phonebooth stats for the Tractor.

Level 1

  • Slightly increased the trigger size of one of the wasp cameras to make it harder to miss.
  • Slightly re-worded the Auto Dialer collector card description.

Added collision to a bush near the Krusty Burger by the crash site.

Mission 0: Kwik-N-Easy
  • Now loads more zones.
  • Adjusted the stats of the Ice Cream Truck to have better TireGrip.
  • Adjusted the stats of the Ice Cream Truck to make it lighter on Normal mode.
  • Made it so the ice cream truck will continue driving away after you're done with it.

Mission 1: Homer Schooled
  • Replaced the glass shattering sound in the pre-mission with something more appropriate.
  • Adjusted stats of Skinner's Sedan on Normal Mode to have better TireGrip.
  • Adjusted the size of the first waypoint for Skinner.
  • Adjusted the race finish line to prevent an issue where Skinner could drive past the finish line.
  • Added new stage completion dialog for destroying Skinner's car.

Mission 5: Radioactivity
  • Improved the fakeout stage at the start of the mission.
  • Added another waypoint to the race stage and re-enabled the navigation system during it.
  • Adjusted the volume of Monkey Man's screaming.

Mission 7: Crash and Burns
Fixed an issue where the dialog we added for hitting Burns' car was registered wrong and didn't play as a result.

Challenge 2: Power Plant Race
Rebalanced the AI racers.

Taxi Mission
  • Added difficulty support to all of Apu, Bart and Barney's routes.
  • Added a special forced car to the mission.
  • Overhauled route selection logic. It cannot result in an infinite loop anymore and also always starts your shift in the starting area of the mission.

Removed the custom music in the Stonecutter's tunnel.

Added a new easter egg.
The two things that aren't true in PB3:
Fixed Kearney's shirt to be white in a Gag in the Kwik-E-Mart.

Mission 6: Heart of the Bonestorm
Added a countdown timer to the start of the mission.
We added it in the code though there's a mistake that causes it to not work that we didn't catch. Will be fixed in the next version.


Ah yeah, I'm at work right now but I'm going to hazard a guess that I unintentionally forgot to add the modified version of the Gag with Kearney to the list of files to copy in the batch script that compiles the beta.

That change will also be included in the next version. For now I've just subtracted these from the changelog above and I'll update the one on the documentation site later when I'm at home.
Why do you have removed the custom stonecutters music?
The custom music track that played when ever the player was located in the StoneCutters' Hidden Tunnel in prior versions of the mod was removed as it was created by MACCA, who is no longer a Donut Team staff member.