Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Story Mode Announcement)

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It's been awhile and I'm not sure if anyone has thought that the mod has been canceled or something but It's not canceled! It's doing better then ever!
Mod of Stupidity combines the worlds of Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park, Wallace & Gromit, and much much more!
Do things go well? Most likely.

View the Reveal Trailer here!

Just one more mission to complete!

I even got a few people as beta testers! I'd like to thank them for helping me find out bugs and helping me fix them!
Weasel on a Stick
and last but not least (maybe)

There's no release date in sight but It will come out eventually! Its hard to come up with good mission ideas lol.
Coming Real Soon!
Funny yet charming. Looking forward to the rest of this mod. :)
how to download HELL INSPECTOR'S MOD OF STUPIDITY no demo
"I don't know what the heck's going on here, but someone needs to get their asses kicked."
I updated the forum to have everything up to date! Demo was removed (wasn't the best build in the first place).
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Ooh. Excited to see what this is like! :)
This looks fun... I love seeing southpark mods in this game. Looking forward to it.
gimme gimme
Here's a little update after awhile, the mod is on a hiatus until further notice. It's not canceled but will come out a lot later than expected, not that there was an expected date to begin with.