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Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Ver 1.1)

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It looks great!
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After that short break I'm glad to say that it's back in development! Still no idea for a release date for awhile but I will say it'll hopefully come out within the next year, I know it's a large window but that's as much as I can guarantee.
It's Hell Inspector here, and I'm making an announcement.

It's been awhile, 9 months since the last update but I just wanted to announce that I'm still working on this and there are some special things for it in progress.

Still can't give a release date but 6 out of 7 missions are basically done and I'm working on a Reveal Trailer that should release real soon.
i hope we could had this mod full max traffic

Here it is, a proper trailer to hopefully get people hyped up for this.

This looks great! How many levels will there be?
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Only one, there could be more in the future but I'm prioritizing just finishing the first one now.
how many levels will there be
Another update, I added some very important things to the thread and changed it a bit. The mod is almost done, I promise!
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Great, I look forward to it and with all the desire to play it! :D