The Simpsons Hit & Run Henchmen Mod (Local Co-Op)

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The Simpsons Hit & Run has aged well with time it seems, and the Modding Community has continued its well-defined legacy with their wacky and unique inventions. I respect and support those who contribute in thought and execution of any game that is out there – especially those here at the Donut Team Community for their extraordinary excellency in creativity. Even though I may not be equipped with the skill-sets to design and create Modifications to games, I am here to contribute in thought every now and then.

Now to begin with the idea! I am one of the many gamers who enjoy playing alongside their friends without having to connect online, or on separate devices. I find multiplayer-only games to be infuriating, because of exploiters and not being able to enjoy the moment of gaming with someone on the very same screen.

The Henchmen Mod would add the option of 2-4 local players being able to play split-screen, and will allow players to continue their story-progress as they would in story-mode. Players 2 and up will be able to choose between the base-games playable characters to start, and will be able to unlock more with the coins they have collected in future levels.

This is merely an idea for Mod Developers, and is subject to undergo change and have additional ideas generated in the future.
Only Donut Team themselves are actually capable of editing the executable game code and releasing tools/hacks that would allow this. Mod developers don't create these hacks and executable file edits, rather expand and create what's possible based on already existing hacks and code.