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I feel like it would be interesting to drive around a single map instead of going between levels. It could feel like Simspns Road Rage or even bigger in size. You can have many references from the Simpsons episodes, that allude to its location. You can have locations such as Murderhorn Mountain, Mr. Burns Cabin, Five Corners, Krustyland, Itchy & Scratchy Land, Etc. You have an entire map that is large in size and could play as any Simpsons character as you want. You can switch clothes at Moe's (Or Other Locations) and Characters at Homer's house (Or Other Locations). There could also be missions/tasks associated with these locations. This may be hard to implement in a game that came out in 2003. This is just an idea.
@Colou is working on connecting the base game's maps and he's periodically posting updates in the community Discord if that's something that would interest you.