Steve's animation pick'n'mix

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This tool is a bit like Jakes character creator except you can choose which animations you want. For example you could have apus' jump, barts double jump, homer kick, marge jump kick and lisa ground pound etc.

How do I use this?
  • Enter the full name of your character in the prompt
  • In the animation frame, select what characters animation you want to use for that animation. By default its all set to Homer
  • If you want to set all of them to a single charcter then use the Set all to button
  • Choose an output, by default this will use the folder your exe is in
  • You will know when its done because it will play a little sound, there is a progress bar but that goes quite quick

This tool will make the choreo file (?.cho) and the animation file (?[0:6]_a.p3d). You can test if the animation file is working by dragging your charcter p3d and the animation p3d onto this page here.


EDIT 7/27/20
xUnknown has cracked this and very kindly made a dark theme, If you prefer dark theme download this version.
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I cant open it. windows smart screen does not allow me to open the app. HELP!!!
Click the More info link at the end of the warning paragraph. Then click run anyway.