My public apologies :¬(

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I only come to say one word: sorry.

I understand that lately I have been behaving in a deplorable way, defaming users (Cars), and insulting them (Kaog).

I just want to say that, I listen to them, and I try to improve my stupid behavior every day. In fact, I've come to make fun of my own problems by calling myself "Mr. Ins****."

Sorry. Hopefully forgive me, but seeing what happens when you forgive in this forum (you lose even more karma than normal) I don't know whether to send it and leave it, or delete it after 5 minutes.

And yes, I know that "low effort posts or unrelated topics" are not allowed, but I had to give my public apologies, one way or another, even if they tell me the true meaning of a low effort post.

And, I also know that this post can be completely stupid, but hey, I should have done this.

And not. Don't ban me.

Some people say dumb s*** now and then. it's no big deal if it's not happening all the time. Plus your karma doesn't change that much unless you get downvoted on several posts or post something so moronic it gets downvoted 20 times. It's a good thing to apologize when you know you did wrong so props on you for that. But there is no need to worry about a ban.