the loud house hit and run mod?

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some this my first time log in i need some dialog of lincoln luna lori and leni for bart homer lisa and marge help! please

the board you chose for the topic is incorrect, since you're not showcasing a mod, you're asking for one.
And plus, It is very unlikely that someone will actually create the mod/ mod resource you're asking for! ;)
Seconding Daniel's point, in addition to dialog, I'm not sure there are many available 3D models that the public can use to assist with such a mod (unless the idea is to simply replace dialog?). The only game I think that's available that might have any models for any of the cast from that show is Nick Kart Racers 2 (assuming somebody has looked into the game's file structure and extracted the assets - which is pretty likely), which has one of the characters from that show available as a playable character. I don't think this game has any voice acting though for most of the cast, so sadly clean dialog wouldn't be possible to get from here. Your best bet would probably be to look out for some episodes that have minimal audio interference and try to record dialog from that?

(Not sure who went ahead and moved the topic, but many thanks for doing so!)
You can find dialogue from the show, probably from YouTube or similar. You will need to acquire what you need and create different audio files for each sentence / line spoken.

Here is a tutorial on how to add dialogue:

There is also a tutorial on how to set up a mod, etc here:
All right it works thanks for the dialog