Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)

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I've always wanted a mod like this, and I'm very impressed with it, a lot of work has gone into this and everything works very well together

However I have found a collision error on the bridge that connects level 1 and 3 together:
Omg it's here... Can't wait to play around on this!


So uh...remember when I said to expect an update tomorrow?

  • Improved the vertex shading on the L1 - L2 connection.
  • Fixed another broken phonebooth in L2Z3.
  • Fixed a collision bug on the L3 - L1 connection.
Dude this is insane!

Awesome work as always.


Here's another (more minor) update!

  • Fixed some janky texture mapping/vertex shading by the entrance to the L1 - L3 connection.
  • Fixed another piece of missing collision at the L3 Krusty Burger.


I wasn't expecting to do another big update so soon, but I found a bunch of stuff that needed tweaking so here we are I guess.

  • Increased the game's draw distance from 200 units to 800. This should heavily reduce the amount of pop-in present in previous versions.
  • Made it so you can no longer see the road mesh through the bottom of the Springfield Stadium tunnel.
  • Fixed the gas pumps at the Gas Station in Level 3 still using orange vertex shading.
  • Reduced the vertex shading seams present on the grassy banks of the L2 - L3 connection, where the model boundaries split between zone models.
  • Fixed a bug where the Casino area wouldn't be loaded when approaching from the Springfield Dam.
This is super cool dude! i'm excited to see that mission pack when it's ready :D
1.0.5 has made my game lag a lot more. My computer isnt the best but it was running smoothly before


Good lord, how many bugfix updates is this mod going to have?

  • Reduced the draw distance from 800 units to 500, which should (in theory) provide a much better balance of performance and pop-in. It might not help too much though, I'm not sure.
  • Fixed the fence gate in L2Z1 using the wrong shader name.
  • Fixed a piece of intersect collision in L1Z2 that overlapped with collision in L2Z1.
  • Fixed a piece of intersect collision in L3R5 that overlapped with...itself.
Best mod ever!