Donut Mod Easter Egg

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I found and recorded footage of a Easter Egg I found in Donut Mod. If you believe you haven't seen this Easter Egg before and don't want it spoiled please don't watch the video. This is only for people who have seen the Easter Egg before or does who don't care if it gets spoiled.

Each level has a character of the team in the mod! We also have a secret gag you should look for ;)
Cool. I willll have to look for that.
Not to be a spoiler here but:

On Level 1, find mr burn's mansion (at the back not the front), walk up the stairs and there is one.

I don't know what he says exactly, All I heard was "I don't reply" or "Idle reply".
@uturn I already found that. Can't find the one in level 2 though
Level 1 is @lucasc190's character. Lucas replies with "idle_reply" because that's the internal name of how they reference dialogue.
Level 2 is @bomberman333's character. Chris doesn't have any dialogue for some reason, I think he was busy and never got around to it.
Level 3 is @cornholio309's character. Kenny's dialogue is extremely quiet.

There are 3 movie gags hidden in each level as well. We left a hint on the Halloween event page in fact...