Fully Connected Road Rage Map

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Colou managed to connect all 3 default levels for Hit & Run. And these were maps that were never intended to be connected. But as we can clearly see by the layout of Road Rage's maps, they are all connected as one big map, that has been sectioned off into separate levels.

Surely all the level sectioned barriers can be removed to allow full exploration of the entire map as one big Springfield. And with this map having Springfield Gorge, the Mall, the Airport and other locations not available in Hit & Run, it could have much more possibilities for story missions.

But as a Free-Roam Mod, here's what I'd like to have:

  • Fully Connected Road Rage Map
  • Clothing/Character Store, containing the Road Rage models of: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie (If Available), Frink, Apu
  • Vehicle Store, containing the Vehicles from both Road Rage and Hit & Run
  • A Taxi Minigame, like in Donut Mod 4

Is this a possibility?
I just saw a video just now and it said "combined map" in the Road Rage Returns mod so I assume it might already exist in there?