luigi s day mod by nightbane or super mario hit and run?

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so i was looking for super mario mods like charachters luigi s day from nightbane he dint post in on donuteam but where should i download
can someone explain import some charcacters from super mario smash bros browl models and voice pack of
mario already had an voice mod from nightbane
lugi too
and last yosi
First off, that Luigi's day mod is probably gone and deleted. Second, there is a voice pack for Wario and Waluigi in the Waluigi's Pinball mod. also work on your grammar please.
is waluigi s pinball is decolinable
No. However, there are a bunch of tutorials on Youtube that can help you with that.
thanks but how do i use it in mulitplayer use this mod
You should just be able to drag the .lmlm of Waluigi Pinball into the Multiplayer executable. Doing that should allow you to use the map in Multiplayer! Note that the map doesn't have Phonebooths so you'll have to use the Shift+F4 combo to bring up the Phonebooth and call a vehicle to you.

I went ahead and deleted the separate topic you made for this since this thread is still fairly active and it was asked here first. Please try to keep messages like that to a minimum and avoid making extra topics where possible. Thank you!
i just drag to called mods folder but it dint showd up
note in the launcher what is copy require line dose
i try it but it dosent works