Bug crashed with Fully Connected Map!

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I make my own custom mission to test with Fully Connected Map, and i see the problem i was in L3 map to go near the bridge, after when i cross go through L1 map to go near Elementary School and then i saw error message with game crashed!

I'm so confused, so I don't know why it's unknown error message with game crashed like this ?
Hey there!

It's a bit difficult for me to understand what exactly happened with the information provided. You're stating that the game crashed after crossing the bridge that leads back into Level 1's section of the map? Do you recall what this particular error message said? Does it appear to be consistent every time you attempt to play your custom mission?

When the game crashes, it generates a crash file (.dmp) in the following directory:

Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Crashes

Could you upload the newest file in your 'Crashes' folder to a file sharing website, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Filebin?

Many thanks!
The issue here is that you managed to overflow the trigger limit of 500 instances
Try deleting some triggers in your mission P3D, or try downloading the optimised TERRA.p3d and replace your current one with it
Oh great !, now it's works with optimised TERRA.p3d. to replace this original L1_TERRA.p3d

Thank you, Gordon CMB :)