The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake)

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Hi good day.

I don't know how to speak English so I proceed to use a web translator and I hope you can understand everything, thank you very much.
I had planned this project for a long time but I could not start with work or study, I hope to be able to do at least the first complete level, with all the missions, letters, cameras and gags, as well as their suits, vehicles and locations.

I have remastered the cover and named it "The Simpsons Hit & Run Return", you can use it and post it wherever you want.

And I already started with the main menu and some programming of the character, all this done from scratch and the only thing I will use from the original game are the sounds and music, so it will be in English and Spanish.

I hope to have more content soon and your support in this project.
Will you be able to finish this without getting attacked by Disney?
I hope so, I will try to work as quickly as possible to be able to give you a playable demo without having problems with them.
So far this sounds promising! Hit me up in Discord if you're gonna be looking for a Russian translation 👌 (`Gordon CMB#0458`)
¡Hasta ahora esto suena prometedor! Golpéame en Discord si vas a buscar una traducción al ruso 👌 (`Gordon CMB#0458`)
Te deseo la mejor de las suertes y también me parece muy interesante lo que haces.
Everything so far looks AWESOME,good job dude!!
espero que lo completes así puedo jugarlo día y noche felicidades¡¡
The cover looks great! Although i noticed an error, the water from the fire hydrant is following the laws of physics.