The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake)

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My idea:
I think that technical demo of this remake will be stylized like three-dimensional world from Treehouse of Horror VI "Homer Cubed":
questa è la versione simpson PS4 / PS5 mi piace questa spero di poterci giocare
this is the simpson version PS4 / PS5 i like this i hope i can play it on pc
esta es la versión de simpson PS4 / PS5 me gusta esto espero poder jugarlo en la pc
You think you'll get this done for the game's 20th anniversary?
Of course, at least a playable Beta version will be available by then.
That's a great idea, I'm going to integrate that world into the game as a reference.
Hello! When i can download this great mod? Maybe you think about additional cell-mod or effect? Thanks!
Hey there
This remaster/mod is still in early development, judging by the fact that it has just been announced
I also heavily doubt the entirety of the game can be remastered from the ground up in just a couple of months, so please, stay patient
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