Blender and SHAR

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Hi, I am new to the whole modding session, so give me true and honest feedback. If it was said before, then show me how to get there. I have been at months without end trying to get a level map onto blender using everything on here. Can someone please help me out. I will gladly appreciate it. I got the files for the car and Character designs to come up on P3D editor, Just need to know how to get them on Blender as well. I`ve used the P3D add-on for Blender, but when I try to install it on Blender, it says installed, but nothing as opened up, I keep doing this about 3 - 4 times. Is there anything else I may need in order to get it to open? I will gladly appreciate it.
Hey man! Same thing was happening to me. Don't unzip the folder "io_scene_lucas_pure3d_editor_model_xml". If it is unzipped, zip it again. Then import it from the addons tab and toggle it. After that you can see it in the bottom of the import. Good Luck!