High Quality Dialogue

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The PC port of The Simpsons: Hit & Run is pretty good overall (compared to many other PC ports at the time) and it features quite a number of enhancements over the console versions, such as higher resolution textures and HUD elements.

However, one element of the PC port that's not quite so great is the audio - dialogue audio to be specific.

In the Xbox version of Hit & Run, audio is stored in an uncompressed PCM format but for whatever reason the PC version applies a bunch of compression to the dialogue files. And, unfortunately, the compression algorithm they used leaves some pretty nasty artefacts on the resulting audio. Take a listen for yourself:

Audio Comparison (Click to Open)

So, this mod takes the clean audio from the Xbox version and brings it over to the PC version!

There are two versions of the mod available - an OGG Vorbis version, and a FLAC version. The OGG version has the lowest filesize, but is still compressed, albeit far better than the original PC audio was. I'd imagine it'll be fine for most people, but if you really want the highest possible quality then that's what the FLAC version is for.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the download!

Thank you very much for this cool mod, it goes very well with the GameCube Audio mod from Addy, keep up the awesome work :)
Does this apply for the music as well?
Nope, the music in the PC version is exactly the same as the Xbox version (and is the highest possible quality). The only higher quality songs known currently are Jeff Tymoschuk's demo tracks (which I also have a mod for) but unfortunately there are only 3 of them.