Help needed - Translation problem

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Hello to everyone this is my first post.

So I am french and I wanted to play to the game The Simpsons Hit & Run but my game is in english and voices are too. I installed a french patch which remplace only voices, it's better than nothing, but my game crashes and it says for exemple "File W_hitP_Hom_06.rsd not found". I can't find it on Internet and personally I don't really like english voices of the game and I can't fully enjoy the game. I can't change the language in the settings.

I got the patch on this website :

It was write that I have to remplace "dialogf.rcf" but I don't find this file, so I renamed the file "dialogf.rcf" into "dialog.rcf" and I remplaced the "dialog.rcf" file of the game by the french one.
You need a French executable and text bible. I'm uploading a copy for you.

Once you apply this, you may need to rename "dialog.rcf" back to "dialogf.rcf"

Basically extract this. Replace your srr2.p3d file with the one I put it in my archive and replace your "Simpsons.exe" executable.

Let me know if this works.