How do I edit bonus mission text?

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I'm new to modding and I'm working on my first mod. How do I edit the name and description for a bonus mission? I can do it for every main mission (with the Custom Text hack), but can't seem to do it for bonus missions.
CustomText uses M8-M12 for Street Races, Gamble Race and Bonus Mission. Bonus Mission is M12
MISSION_TITLE_L1_M8=Street Race 1
MISSION_INFO_L1_M8=Description Goes Here

MISSION_TITLE_L1_M9=Street Race 2
MISSION_INFO_L1_M9=Description Goes Here

MISSION_TITLE_L1_M10=Street Race 3
MISSION_INFO_L1_M10=Description Goes Here

MISSION_INFO_L1_M11=Description Goes Here

MISSION_TITLE_L1_M12=Bonus Mission
MISSION_INFO_L1_M12=Description Goes Here
Thanks :)