Character Silencer

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I'm a big fan of Hit & Run's dialogue overall, but sometimes the sheer amount of dialogue that plays can be a bit overwhelming. So, this mod allows you to customise the rate at which random dialogue is played while walking and driving around to your liking!

How it Works

Inside the mod's settings, there are a couple of different values that you can adjust to change how the mod behaves. These are the default settings, which should hopefully provide a balance between dialogue playing fairly often, but not too often that it becomes annoying - however this may still be a bit high for some people's tastes.

Important Note: These settings do not apply to all dialogue in the game. Conversation dialogue isn't affected for obvious reasons, but I also opted to exclude things such as victory and fail dialogue since I felt they were important to the context they're in.

Chance of Playing (%)

This setting should be fairly self-explanatory. When the game calls for a line of dialogue to be played, this mod will randomly decide whether or not that line should be silenced - the number you input is the percentage chance of the line actually playing. 100% means that all dialogue will play, like in the vanilla game, and 0% means that no dialogue will play.

Prevent Dialogue Lines Playing Too Close Together

This is a substantially more experimental setting (hence the 'EXPERIMENTAL' tag) that attempts to stop dialogue lines constantly playing one after another. Every time a line of dialogue is played, the mod checks how long it's been since the last time the game called for a line of dialogue. If the time between the two lines is shorter than the 'Minimum Time Between Lines', then it prevents the second line from playing. Importantly, however, this is the time between when the two lines start playing and not when they finish playing. Because the length of dialogue lines can vary quite a bit, in practice this may not stop certain lines playing right after one another - which is why it is experimental.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy it!