Run Speed Modifier (Cheat Engine Table)

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I found a way to change the running speed in SHAR. Now you no longer have to rely on Cheat Engine's Speedhack nor the PAL version of SHAR on GC (or was it the PS2 NTSC-U version?) for non-vehicular travel. Until Lucas makes this into a more convenient hack, you can use the table I made for Cheat Engine.

(This used a shittier version of the hack, but the one that's released is much better.)
The run speed is 34.0. (4.0 + 30.0).

Included Entries

  • Speed increase when running (Default value: 4.0): This value is added to Walk Speed. Set this to 2.0 for a run speed of 6.0. Set to 10.0 for 14.0. You'll instantly run at those speeds if you're not Apu. Apu's controls are more slippery and stops on a dime when he lands from a jump.
  • Walk Speed (Default value: 4.0): Walking to faster speeds takes a while, but slowing down from those speeds is also a hassle. Your best way to brake is to do a ground pound.
  • Stop running when airborne: In the code list (shown below), right click on this and just set it to do nothing. Now you won't stop dead when you jump in the middle of a marathon. Be careful. SHAR will still use the run speed if you release the run button in mid-air.

If the code list doesn't appear, click on Advanced Options down there.

This was only tested with the English version of SHAR with the No CD patch. I found at least one person use this with the Spanish version of SHAR without any problems. (I'm still wondering why the person in question didn't link back to this page and uploaded their own version of this to Mediafire.) I can't guarantee the others will work fine.

Fun Fact(s)
  • While I was fooling around with this, I found out AI vehicles move slower when you're on foot.