How's Lucas Cardellini? Is he still around?

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These could easily be 'resolved' with a mod. To my knowledge, all the textures from Springfield Elementary & Community Center (and many more) are still in the game's files, just not as 'Random Texture' chunks & about the traffic car colors, Lucas has already made a hack you can configure in your mod to make the traffic cars use more colors right here.

...Sounds a bit complicated to me. :/
I wonder if the Speedometer hack setting in the Launcher will be updated to use the one I've seen in SHAR's multiplayer feature too? For me, it should be that real sophisticated speedometer (MPH) because it's a unique one, rather than borrow the original small white number (KM/H) itself above the radar in-game as a clone. Besides, that can still be enabled as well, via entering the game's official cheat code. (Hold F1 in the OPTIONS menu and press right, right, down, left.)