Tay's P3DXML texture and shader exporter v1.0.1 - for Blender 2.93 & 3.0

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A blender addon which exports all textures and shaders into a single p3xml file, which can be imported into the P3D editor!


Manually importing textures and making shaders was taking too much time. I had an idea about making an addon for blender which does it all for you but thought it would be too difficult. Few weeks later and I'm releasing 1.0! This tool is a export addon for blender and can be found by going to the export section in blender. You can edit the shader settings in the export window how you like and then import it into the p3d editor! I hope to add individual shader editing at a later date.

Version 1.0.1

Fixed the sphere map PDDI shader, so you can edit the environment map properties and export them into the file.

Spoiler: Installing the addon

1. Download the addon from the link at the bottom of this post


2. Preferences


3. Install


4. Select the .zip file you downloaded

Spoiler: Demostration

1. Blender


2. Export


3. Shader options. If any texture has transparency, change Blend Mode to Alpha


For the demo, I'm going to make everything have a yellow tint


4. Import Pure3D XML, must be anywhere before your model


5. Select the file we exported earlier


6. Textures and shaders have all been added


  • Mass texture and shader export into a p3dxml file
  • Shader customisation on export
  • An option to export both, only textures or only shaders

To do

  • Individual shader customisation

Supported Blender versions

  • 3.0
  • 2.93 LTS - Addon was created in this version
It's not been tested on anything lower, so just keep that in mind if using an older version.


  • 23/08/21 - Version 1.0.1 Fixed the sphere map PDDI shader, so you can edit the env map properties and export them
  • 21/08/21 - Version 1.0 Release
  • 12/08/21 - Test version for the Pastry Commune team
  • 02/08/21 - Base functions created in python

Special thanks


Download - Github releases

Source code

This is fantastic!!! Amazing work Tay!!!