Custom Costumes Not Working

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Hey, I have no idea if anyone is even still on this website but I come here hoping to seek help

Does anyone have any idea why, when I make a texture for homer or Bart to change their shirt to red then test it in game it stays default

Everything is where is should be in my mods folder
If anyone could get back to me that would be amazing
Hi Joshua,

In order to make a mod that replaces the default characters, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a folder with the name of your mod
  2. Create a Meta.ini file in that folder with the contents shown below
  3. Create a folder called CustomFiles
  4. In that folder place your modified files in a matching path as the game installed. For example, homer's model would be CustomFiles\art\chars\homer_m.p3d
Title=Your Mod Name
Description=A mod that does something
That should be enough to replace the character's models. For further modding help I'd suggest joining the Discord, and posting in the shar-modding-help channel.

Hey there
Thank for you getting in touch so quickly, I did all of these steps and he still shows up default, I even deleted my whole mod folder thinking I did something wrong and started again, however still no success if screenshots are needed I can supply them
Assuming I understand correctly, you've modified the char_swatches_lit texture in global.p3d to try to recolor Homer and Bart's shirt to be red, but it still appears the same in-game?

Assuming you did this by copying char_swatches_lit and pasting it in the character's P3D (like this), the char_swatches_lit texture in global.p3d is taking priority over the custom one since it loads the one present in global.p3d first. You should still be able to see the custom char_swatches if you were to make the costume it's own separate skin and make it a purchasable reward in rewards.mfk.

As a quick and easy fix, you'll want to go ahead and rename the char_swatches_lit texture in P3D Editor 4 to use another name, and then change the shader that Homer and Bart use to instead use the new custom name.

Spoiler: Here's a quick visual example:

Note the new texture name at the top and the shader now pointing to 'char_swatches_lit_customhomer'. The name for the new texture is an example and can be renamed to something that's abbreviated and much more pleasant on the eyes.

Alternatively, using Blender to edit the character models should allow you to change the colors of the character model without having to create a unique custom texture for each, but this is perhaps the easiest solution.

Let me know if you need any more help, and do consider Josh's above advice above if you're still running into issues or want to chat!
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I will give this a try today and get back to you with the results as soon as possible, thank you for the support