Mountain Drew (Coming Soon)

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This is AndrewHarris109 here with another mod for you guys! My next mod I'll be working on is called "Mountain Drew". I started on this mod about a month ago. I was mostly busy on Andrew's Mod. So yeah. I hope you guys are looking forward to it! There's no download link for it yet. I'm still currently working on the mod. So stay tuned everyone for more updates on this mod. It's hard thinking of a good story mod.

What will be in this mod?

5 Classic and 2 custom vehicles
7 Missions (Including Tutorial Mission)
Some retexturing

Download Link Coming Soon!
Hello, never seen a mod named after an energy drink or a play of one's name so this might be interesting!
However, I see a little bit of an issue with the texture behind, assuming it was edited in paint as the alpha channels are gone. I was wondering if you'd need any help in doing this or texture editing, or at least some advice? I'm excited to see where you're going with it! ^^'