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Mountain Drew (Version 1.1) NEW UPDATE

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This is AndrewHarris109 here. Mountain Drew Version 1.1 is almost done. I'm sorry the update took so long, but it's now almost complete. I maybe busy at work, and other stuff. But I'm still hard at work. Mountain Drew Version 1.1 should be out sometime next week. So stay tuned everyone. (:
Version 1.1 of Mountain Drew will be released Friday. It took a little longer, because I was busy at work, and a lot of other things. So yeah, Version 1.1 of this mod will be released sometime Friday. As always, stay tuned for upcoming updates, and mods. 😃

Version 1.1 of Mountain Drew has now been released. (:

As always, stay tuned for more mods & updates.

I hope to release a small update for this mod coming in a few days or so. (:

I just tried the mod out, 100% it. Here's my criticism.

Good Things:
The dialogue is funny
I like the plot of Smithers taking over Krusty's business
The challenge missions are fun
The card locations are different from the vanilla game

Bad Things
Some missions are a flat out copy of the vanilla game's missions
The later missions are essentially "Destroy the Truck" or "Kick the Person" and that gets really stale very fast
The gags, Wasp Cameras, and traffic vehicles are all vanilla
Why doesn't the Golden Open Wheel Race car have car noises or a horn?
The bonus mission is way too easy
No outfits? I wanted to see a "Mountain Dew" shirt for Homer.
The Collector Card quotes are still vanilla and haven't been removed
No new secret vehicle

Final verdict:

It's an okay mod. The main missions needs some improving, and the collectables should be in different spots than the vanilla game. I really enjoyed the dialogue and plot of the mod.