Should I playthrough the Donut Mod?

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Hi, my name is Thomas, and I had a incomplete LP of the Donut Mod, should I start fresh, or continue it. It's been dead for 4 months. And I need to know if anyone would watch it, and is it a good idea. I plan to call the play through: Donut Mod Reinitialized.


@hipporeno do it if you feel passionate about it. It's a pretty niche topic so don't expect thousands and thousands of views.
@hipporeno after having watched one of your let's plays I've got a few pointers:

- It's unpolished in areas (e.g HippoPlaysMC not fitting properly with the Black Ops 2 logo, the Donut Team Studios and Donut Mod logo screens at the beginning clipping out of frame, the www. clipping as well).
- It stutters frequently, I'd suggest having a look online for the best rendering settings for your software/situation.
- The mic audio pops throughout, presumably because you're using a webcam mic or your laptops built-in mic? If YouTube is something you're at all serious about, consider getting a proper dedicated mic.
- If your system can support it, try to capture and upload in 1080p60. It makes a huge difference when viewing
- (Subjective) The Black Ops 2 intro and the watermark on the right hand side look quite dated.

Apart from these I enjoyed watching and listening to what you had to say. I would suggest just continuing the series without renaming it "Donut Mod Reinitialized".

If you can address these issues and go that extra mile to make your content stand out above the literally thousands of others LPers on YouTube, you will eventually gain a large and dedicated following. LPers are a dime a dozen so you need to find ways to make your videos better than everyone elses. People appreciate and like to watch high quality videos.
@AlexBridgez I've really changed since the Donut Mod LP, and I REALLY appreciate the time you took to give me these pointers! Sadly my system is not good enough for 1080p60, I can do 720p60 now though. I've already recorded the "REBOOT" of the LP. Also I've changed my intro and no longer use a watermark. Otherwise I'll take your advice, plus my mic no longer pops. Finally, the one without a custom thumbnail is a scrapped project, the ones with pink thumbnails are part of the LP.


I'd say 720p is still good enough even today. Speaking as someone with terrible upload speeds its the most I'd want to do.

Also I'd love to check out another playthrough of Donut Mod.
I definitely think that if you have a much better setup, you should restart your LP of Donut Mod. The more coverage of DM, the more people that will come to the site. Anybody who can record a LP of DM should, unless you simply don't enjoy doing that sort of thing.

I would really love to "reboot" my Donut Mod playthrough, and I really thank you guys for your input! One thing to ask though, I usually make a custom intro specific for my LP, I need to know where I could find logos and text that show Donut Team or Donut Mod. I want to make a REALLY good thumbnail first!