Kremlin Steering Wheel Fix

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Worst. Bug. Ever.
Radical apparently never noticed that the Kremlin doesn't have a steering wheel and neither did I. At least, that was until it was mentioned in the DonutTeam Discord, so what is a man to do? You obviously graft a steering wheel onto the Kremlin.

Yes, that is indeed a steering wheel

Download here!
Simple mod but pretty neat nonetheless.
Very odd that I’ve never noticed this before myself. Huh! That’s...going to irk me now whenever I play the vanilla game now. Stranger still considering the game forces it on the player twice but I still failed to notice it. I’m just sitting here trying to think of how it might have been forgotten.

Probably a dumb question, but would you have any personal objections if I were to use this in my personal mod? The Kremlin isn’t planned to be purchasable, but makes a brief appearance in L1M1 as the rival AI car in a race stage.
No no no, go ahead. As long as I get a credit, it's all cool.
No no no, go ahead. As long as I get a credit, it's all cool.

Many thanks! I absolutely intend to give credit and shove it into my modified credits. It's a super minor thing for an AI controlled vehicle, but eh. P3Ds aren't too huge anyways. An update including it probably won't be pushed until Level 2 is in a more presentable state since it's super rough at the moment.

But yeah. Simple fix, but really appreciated! SHAR has so many odd little inconsistencies you notice from analyzing this game for so many years that it's nice to see these little nuances get looked into. Good work!