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I see the page of Simpsons Hit And Run on and see it's dead. I want to become game manager of this game and I want to know if I can share download links of modding tools of Donut Team on gamebana? And also maybe mods.
Hello, we don't allow sharing of our modding tools off-site. This currently stays for now, it might or might not ever change.

As for the mods, you should probably contact their authors (We do hold the rights to them, however they at any time are able to decide where their content is published, on-site or off-site).

We provide our site for people to upload their mods, as you can see in the play history. We also still have plans for the upcoming Mod Bakery, which will be the easiest & most accessible to download/upload mods in the future.

So can I just say on gamebanana than all tools for modding this game is on this site and just put link of donut team?
Hey, I meant to get earlier to you, but I forgot. If you want to link anything on gamebanana, you should list the following:
Donut Team modding tools:
Donut Team home:
Donut Team forums:
Thanks You :)