Donut Team got a Shout out on Did You Know Gaming!

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A youtube channel called DidYouKnowGaming? makes trivia videos about video games, featuring popular Youtubers. Earlier today, they made a video about Hit and Run.
Not only did it feature several mods throughout the whole video, but at 5:28, they acknowledge Donut Mod, and the rest of the modding community.

The channel is verified, and has 1,842,492 subs, so I wanted to share this, because I think It might draw some attention to Donut Mod.
DidYouKnowGaming average 500,00 views per video, so prepare for a new wave of Donut Mod players. Congratulations to everyone at Donut Team for getting the recognition they deserve :)
I marked this thread as important so it would show up at the top. This is awesome, and we're incredibly happy with the community for helping us get mentioned in such an awesome YouTube series.
Oofa, they used some 5-second footage of one of my videos without giving me credit. Waaaaaaa!

Now I gotta prepare myself for those little sensitive d******** who attacked and will attack me for that comment I made. Seriously though, them lashing out at me is beyond childish.
Let's just keep this stupid drama out of our site, okay @SomeBot?
Pretty cool to see Donut Mod get a shout out like that. Hope this will help your community to grow.
i'll be honest, when i saw this post and clicked on it i watched the video anticipating one of my mods to show up in the video.

well, there's always hope for next time :(
One of my mods got in, well if you count it, the Duff Glass I made for Donut Mod can be seen in the footage so yay!
Really nice to see the Donut Mod and a couple of others get mentioned. I hope that more people will be aware of our mod community and help it grow.
Here's to the Donut Mod becoming the NEXT BIG THING!