The Simpsons: Hit & Run: Cody's Wolfie Adventures

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This Image is just a Proof Of Concept until I get someone smart enough to make and create this mod.

Story: In this Mod, a Wolfie Boy named Cody gets teleported all the way to Springfield, and he needs to find his way back home!... But where could it be? Could the Simpsons have an answer to get Cody back home? There's one way to find out!

The Main Characters

The Main Characters in this mod are the following

Cody The Wolfie Boy (Playable Character) (Oh, and this is what Cody The Wolfie Boy looks like.)

Ned Flanders

Grampa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

And who cannot forget about Marge Simpson? (I can't forget her!...In a good way!)

So, join Cody as he looks for clues as to how he can get home and meet up with his friends again!

Cody's Sports Cars and their Stats

Cody has two Sports Cars. The First one is The Sports Wolfer, and the other one is The WolfaSports Car, which is not a car to mess with! Here are the stats the cars have.

Cody's Sports Wolfer

(It's going to be using the sportA model, so use this texture and you're good to go.)

Speed: 3.5 - 5
Acceleration: 3 - 5
Toughness: 2.5 - 5
Handling: 3 - 5

(Keep in mind that this car will need the Engine of the Globex Villain Car on the front hood and it's pipes on the back to make it like this image.)
Cody's WolfaSports Car

Speed: 5 - 5
Acceleration: 4.5 - 5
Toughness: 4 - 5
Handling: 4.5 - 5

Of course, I'll do the voice clips of myself, since I am in this mod, but everything else is all yours to do! So, until the Mod is completed, This is Cody The Wolfie Boy, Howling On!
Hi, Cody! I followed you on DonutTeam