Donut Mod Episode 2 Release?

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I just finished playing Donut Mod Episode 1 and I loved it! When is Donut Mod Episode 2 goin' to be released?
We're working on the next version of Donut Mod but we're not sure when it'll release. Probably sometime in June/July/August.
Level 3 will be available in the next version of Donut Mod, we are also trying to get level 4 ready but we do not know if it'll be ready in time.
We're not on an episodic release schedule anymore, though in future updates all seven levels will be present. We do not have a set date, for all we know it could be released in 2020 (The final release will probably be out in a year though). Honestly, just keep up with the site and we'll release information as we go.

We have a lot of other things both in our personal lives and with our team that we're working out.
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There's no available one at the moment.
We'll talk about Donut Mod during our digital event we'll be hosting. You'll have all the information you need then.
@Justin not the best talk about this though. Actually i can answer it too, not really, if its final mission maybe. But racing smithers is better. Since mr.smithers knows that he's there lol.
Hi J********, and thanks for the interesting ideas on our next release for Donut Mod.

While we certainly appreciate the ideas, we have already developed newer versions of both Flowers By Irene (which has been merged into a newer version of L1M4 to make way for an entirely new mission, Radioactivity) and Petty Theft Homer (now under the name Homer Hooligan). Petty Theft Homer's current revision is actually much like the one you described, but contains some minor differences (such as avoiding Wiggum twice and knocking Rod' Inhaler off of a moving Duff Truck). A race idea for Flowers By Irene is an interesting idea to change the pace, but we're not entirely sure if it'll work with the flow of the mission or if it works with how the story is told.

That being said, while we appreciate the ideas, we'd prefer if you would create a separate thread for Donut Mod mission suggestions like you did with L3M1. This topic isn't related to suggesting any ideas, and instead a question about a release date. In fact, the last post here was made a month ago. Bumping threads that haven't received a post in a month is considered violating the rules, and we kindly ask that you do not do it again.

To prevent any encouragement of any further replies, this topic will also be locked. Thanks!

- Kenny Giles