Need help with Wager mission

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So, I'm creating a wager mission where you have to destroy vehicles in 10 minutes, with 3 rounds. The problem I'm facing is that every time I load the mission, it times me out immediately and the mission preview screen is this:

The times are set 0:00, which is what I believe is causing me to time out, the problem is, I don't know how to change those times on that screen to see if that will fix my problem.

For now, I have taken out the time limit, for testing the other elements of this mission, it's practically finished, just need to try and fix this problem if possible.
Again, apologies for not responding sooner. I did initially see this thread but never had the time to properly assist until now!

From my knowledge, you are indeed correct. If the 'timeout' condition is present anywhere in a mission script, and the stage time is set to 0, you will automatically fail the mission. You should be able to bypass this by setting the timer to 1 or higher. It's sadly not possible to have a mission that 'fails' the user with an upwards ticking timer, assuming that's your end intention? An upwards ticking timer can be carried into another stage by re-using UseElapsedTime(); in the next stage, however.

With the 0:00 timers for the 'Time to Beat:' and 'Best Time:' entries on the mission briefing screen, the former should be set by 'SetParTime();'. This controls the minimum time the player needs to have on the stage timer to consider the Wager Race 'beaten'. I'm not sure if it being absent results in the game defaulting to 0:00? With 'Best Time:', I think that initially defaults to the Par Time for the Level, but is updated and saved to the current save file if the player does a Wager Race playthrough that beats the par time set.

You might be able to still get the intended effect by setting the ParTime in each 'stage' to 10 minutes (SetParTime(600);), and using SetStageTime(1); in the opening stage. While the player won't be failed immediately if they take more than 10 in-game minutes to destroy three vehicles, the player will not be rewarded anything and will get the alternative GAMBLING_RACE_FAILURE string when clearing the mission.