Wacky Races Characters & Vehicles

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Model Pack Download here: www.deviantart.com/legomaniac41/art/Wacky-Races-Arcade-Model-Pack-930999192

I managed to rip & capture the Wacky Races Models from the arcade game and I thought that these would work perfectly as mods for The Simpsons Hit & Run. I mean, come on. Bart driving the Mean Machine? That sounds like fun! I probably should do work on the Slag Brothers, Put Sawtooth in the Buzz Wagon, & Place The Anthill Mob in the Bullet-Proof Bomb, Sergeant Blast in the Surplus Six, And Maybe put Muttley in the Mean Machine as extras.

For some horns, I can imagine some like an Alphorn for the Boulder-Mobile, A Bugle for the Army Surplus Special, And maybe this for the Mean Machine: www.youtube.com/watch?v=05dxstWCbwo

The Wacky Coins would work really well for the coin collectibles and the bomb would be great as a replacement for the nuclear waste in the Level 7 missions (You know what ones I'm talking about). And I also think that the rocket mode of the Convert-A-Car would make perfect as a secret car replacement!

Share your thoughts also!

Update Time! Managed to create a logo for the mod! Curiously enough, I can be the designer for some of the billboards and texture designer for some of the vehicles! And there may be some "Guest Vehicles" Joining the party...

I'm also planning to write down some mission titles and objectives. The models are still there, don't worry! But I may modify some vehicles from SHAR to some of Dastardly's Liking like Mr. Burns' Limo.