How can i add custom music to the Vote Quimby Truck?

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Pretty easy! The original ambient sound for the Vote Quimby Truck is located where the rest of the car-related sounds are located (carsound.rcf) as vote_quimby_02.rsd. vote_quimby_03.rsd is used for honking the horn while in that vehicle and can be ignored if you'd like to leave that as-is.

You can then just edit the sound as you do the music. Export it as a WAV using Lucas' RSD Converter, import into an audio editing program such as Audacity, and then change it to whatever you'd like. You just have to make sure it's 24000Hz and make sure it's mono. Then re-import and place the new audio file in YourMod/Custom Files/sound/carsound.

I also forgot to mention in my original post that if you'd rather not bother with re-importing a new sound into the .rsd, then you can also use the OggVorbisSupport hack. Add the hack into your Meta.ini, and then you can just export the song as a .ogg if you're using Audacity and be good to go!