GTA III World in Hit & Run?

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It's been long since I last posted on this forum...
I wonder if anyone was able to port the world of Liberty City from GTA III into The Simpsons Hit & Run, but it wouldn't be easy.
Maybe Vice City would be easier?
It's something we'd love to do, however we do not possess the proper tools, time, or patience to even attempt such a large job.
It would be fun if someone managed to get it ported.
Even better, someone port GTA V. Piece of cake, amiright? ;)
I do want the world of GTA V in SHAR just to see how it feels. But it'd require so much work, you guys don't even know. Haha.
I'll supply the Mountain Dew, Doritos, and pizza
If I had money
If people supplied me with daily pizza and monster, i'd look into it.
If i lived in America i probably could supply you with pizza. Sadly no monster, tho'.
If I had money I'd supply
But you know
Yeah.. :/
Would love to have infinite moneys tho'.