Road Rage Character Pack

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I've downloaded it to my desktop, it's an .lmlm file - what do I do from here? Thanks
Place the file in the mods folder for Lucas' mod launcher. Assuming you've downloaded it.
If you haven't, you can here.
Download Lucas' Mod Launcher from here, and extract it to your desktop.

You can find a tutorial on how to use the launcher here.

EDIT: ninja'd :P
How do I swap characters? I start off with Reverend LoveJoy on Level 1 but can't swap characters. Is it one Character for each level?
Numanoid79, how I did it was after placing the .lmlm file in the Mods Folder, open up "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher", click the "Road Rage Characters" then click "Mod Settings..." and you have an option to select 1 of 11 characters

Reverend Lovejoy is the default character of the 11

Yes it's one character for each level, you have to quit the game to change it
Ah brilliant. Thank you for that :)