Is there any way to activate all mods without any conflicts?

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Hello. I have a little problem. My dream is to make simpsons hit i run with alot mods but the message is popping up like the mod is conflicting with other mod. Is there any way to fix it?
Hi, sorry for late reply but what i need to do with that allowignoremodconflict i need to make any document or what?
To avoid explaining it again, below is my reply on a similar post.
What you have to do is create a "CommandLine.txt" file inside of your Mod Launcher directory & type one (or both if you want) of the two following commands in it:
You don't need to find the command line argument anywhere.
What you have to do, is create a text (.txt) file in your mod launcher's directory, and call it "CommandLine.txt"

Once you do that, edit the file and type in "-allowignoremodconflicts", like so:

Now, just save your file and reload the mod launcher (if already running):

I hope this helps!

(If you're interested, the difference between the two is that the former allows you to choose whether or not you want to launch mods that in conflict and the latter automatically launches without any of your input)
I did all steps and i have it again. (I live in Poland btw) so idk if in my country there can be ,,.txt''. :(