About the simpsons hit & run tweak

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Excuse me, how to add unusable cars to the game? e.g. Ferrari black, Audi TT...
The Audi TT is unplayable in it's current state, because it is missing files, and will crash the game.
How about other cars? ( milk truck, cell phone car, cube van ... etc.
Assuming they have everything already in the game, all you have to do is edit rewards.con (Or similar, just not the E3 file. Cant remember the exact name) and add the car like that. You can find the name of the car you want to add in (install)\art\cars. I use the Pure3D editor to see what the car is if I'm not sure. Once you know the name, its just a matter of text editing. As an example, because I can't tell you what to write off the top of my head, you could download my OWR relocation mod, decompile it, and copy the line adding the OWR for sale by Gil in level one. Replace fone.p3d with the name of the car you want to add. Sorry if you don't really understand what I wrote, Im sure someone can explain better than me

Sometime tomorrow, I'm going to upload at least one tutorial dealing with stuff like this. I like giving back to good communities, and its good information to put out
Thank you very much for telling that. But the problem is the game crashed after I installed the new models to the reward.mfk file. So could you please tell me where the problem is?
Are you adding it as a mod in Lucas' mod launcher? Did you put a semicolon at the end of the line? also make sure you're using a valid car name. I personally haven't had much of a problem