Issue With Current Donut Mod

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Hello everyone, i am brand new to the donut mod community, however i have one huge fatal flaw going on that is making it impossible to play. The cars that i drive, whether they be the Family Sedan or even pedestrian cars, etc, all of them have a terrible control. For some reason ill be driving doing a mission and out of nowhere my car veers off to the left or right like the collision box around the car actually collided with something. To further this issued, whenever i go over ramps that crash through Krusty Glass or any ramps for that matter, the car extremely accelerates and then smashes into the wall below and then again i lose all control of the car, not sure what is happening, can anyone give me some clarification in regards to this?
This is a bug with The Simpsons: Hit & Run; not Donut Mod. This happens when your computer is too good for the game honestly and your frame count is higher than the game really expects.

We do have a fix for the bug however. With Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher, enable the "Frame Limiter" mod. This should fix the game's physics. You can set it to your frame's refresh rate (60 frames for a 60Hz monitor, 144 frames for a 144Hz monitor, ect) by right-clicking on the "Frame Limiter" mod and clicking "Settings...". Then set the frames desired in the "Target Frame Rate" field.