Some suggestions for donut mod 3.2.3

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I am Dan and i want to propose you to add some features to the next donut mod update :

-Rename Station Wagon to Flanders' Station Wagon (Like in donut mod 2.0)
-Re-add cube van to level 1 (like in donut mod 2.0)
-Add Nuclear Bus from Crash And Burns Mission buyable in level 1
-Add Mini UFO (i saw it in a video,but it was in level 7) buyable in a level
-Rename the first level from UNDERCOVER EMPLOYEE to HOMER'S WORK DAY


P.S.:I saw Mini UFO name in donut mod 3.2.1 changelog. Is it buyable or obtainable in a level?

A small suggestion to level 4 (i know that the developers are working on it for the next donut mod update):add Marge's Station wagon,the car she drive in the series,as the default car of the level.

Thanks yet,

and please answer!

Dan :-)

1. I think 'Flanders' Station Wagon' would be way too long for a vehicle name, and not all of the cars are named after the characters they belong too (ex. Moe's Sedan just being called 'Sedan')

2. The devs told me that they were going to add the Nuclear Bus as a reward in a later level.

3. I think the name 'Undercover Employee' is a play on the TV show title 'Undercover Boss'. 'Breaking Bart' is also named after 'Breaking Bad', so I think they have a TV show theme going for the level titles (not sure about level 3 though)

4. The mini-UFO is not currently obtainable in any level.

5. I think the station wagon the Simpsons own is actually Homer's along with the family sedan, while the Canyonaro is actually Marge's, so it'd make more sense for the Canyonaro to be the default car (unless they have another car in mind) Also, there is already a station wagon in Donut Mod, and a heavy SUV like the Canyonaro is likely to have stats better suited for level 4 than a station wagon.

Your other suggestions sound good though! Hope this helps.
As Max Power said all the other cars aren't named after their owner. We did originally consider doing so but decided against it for the same reason he also stated, we felt the names were too long.

Both the Nuclear Bus and the Mini UFO will be available in a later level of the mod. You'll have to be patient to get behind the driver's wheel of those (do UFOs even have driver's wheels?).

The level names are parodies of TV show titles and Movie titles as Max Power guessed and we don't really have any plans to change that.

The Mini UFO was accidentally included in the public change log and its not currently available.
I should also chime in and say that Level 3's name, "Sister, Disaster" is a pun on the TV show "Sister, Sister". I think at one point we were debating on naming it after the TV series "Without A Trace", but I think I might be thinking of L3M2. If that isn't the case though, I can't remember why the older name was done away with. I think it might have had something to do with me having no idea how to change "Without A Trace"?